Rules of the Round Robin System

From the official invitation:

The  competitors of  the  categories  (pattern,  sparring)  will  be  divided  into groups  of  maximum  5  persons  with  seeded  draw.  In  every  group  every competitor of the group should fight with every competitor. The two best competitors  of  the  group  will  get  into  the  pyramid  system  elimination round. The  two  bests  from  one  group  will  be  seeded  to  the  opposite branch of the pyramid elimination table. The result of the pyramid system elimination will be the result of the category.

As draws are possible in the group stage of the round robin system, two or more participants might finish with equal points. In this case the umpires will apply the following criteria to determine the rankings:

  • The result of the match between the two competitors is considered. If the result of that is not a draw, the winner will advance to the finals.
  • In case of a draw, the results of the group stage will be considered the following way: the umpires calculate from the fight reports the record of the participant. The decisions of the umpires are considered by adding them up. The participant with a better winner record (patterns: 0:5; sparring: 0:4) will advance to the finals.
  • If there is still a draw between two competitors, they have to compete against each other again.