IX. Mightyfist Eagles Cup - CANCELLED

The year 2020 was hard for everyone. Many competitions have been cancelled since the springtime, but we have kept being positive and continued organizing our competition. During the summer we have seen things clearing, and everyone was eager to get to competitions soon - and we were waiting for You, but things have changed in a negative manner since then. We have been following the events from week to week, continued the preparations so the Eagles Cup would be safe enough for everyone. But in the past few days we got to the point when we can not keep being optimistic, we can no longer ensure the safety of everyone. For everyone’s sake, in complete agreement - the organizing team has decided, that

The Eagles Cup 2020 edition is CANCELLED.

We hope that we will not see more hardship next year. Be safe, keep training, we will check out next year how your training went ;)

The Organizing Team of the Eagles Cup

Yours in Taekwon-do, 

SzalayG_150.png Csaba_portrait.jpg

Gábor Szalay

(VI. degree,
Sasok Taekwon-do Club)

Csaba Békássy

(V. degree,
Zen Power Taekwon-do Club)