VII. Mightyfist Eagles Cup

Dear Masters, Instructors, Coaches and Competitors,

In the name of Sasok Sports Club and Zen Power Taekwon-do club we are honoured to invite you to the VII. ‘MIGHTYFIST’ Eagles Cup International Taekwon-do Championship which will be held on the 22-23rd of September 2018, in a NEW sports hall in Monor. City of Monor is located very close to the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest. 

The event will be organized by the same team which successfully conducted the Mightyfist Children and Cadet Cup and the VI. AETF European Cup in 2014 in Budapest as well as the previous editions of the Eagles Cup. 

As it was in 2017, there will be children, cadet, junior and senior categories and the whole spectrum of the competition categories of Taekwon-do ITF, but this year we will introduce even more changes. The most important feature of the event is as usual the round-robin system for the individual sparring and pattern categories which can ensure that the competitors have more matches in their categories, but now we have adjusted this rule because of the high number of expected competitors. Our competition will be the perfect opportunity for practicing for the upcoming AETF European Cup to be held in Romania four weeks afterwards! 

Changes in 2018 

We have introduced some of the changes last year, most of them were for the better, so we have kept them. Here are some new changes we plan to introduce this year (apart from the new Sports Hall of course) 

  • New categories: special techniques for cadets, power test for cadets (on a measuring device), I. degree cadets patterns 

  • New rules for power breaking 

  • 5 breaking techniques for women 

  • Team pattern teams could choose any pattern out of the 24 

  • Children categories will be back (only) on Saturday. 

Date: 22-23th September 2018 

Place: Sports Hall of Monor, Hungary (NEW!)

Accommodation: the teams are responsible for their own accommodation, however feel free to contact us in case you need help or tips finding the accommodation suiting your needs.

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Yours in Taekwon-do, 

Gabor_portrait.jpg Csaba_portrait.jpg

Gábor Szalay

(VI. degree,
Sasok Taekwon-do Club)

Csaba Békássy

(V. degree,
Zen Power Taekwon-do Club)