About Hungary

Hungary is a relatively small country with about 10 million souls in the centre of Europe. There is a really detailed entry on Wikipedia about Hungary here, if you have never been to Hungary, we would like to encourage you to take a look around and see it for yourself.



The most important informations about Hungary:

  • Currency: HUF (Hungarian Forint), also abbreviated as 'Ft' in Hungary. You can check the current rates on the internet eg. directly on Google.
  • The tournament is held in Monor, which is a town almost next to our capital city Budapest (takes about half hour to get to Budapest's city centre by car or by train).
  • The time zone in Hungary is CET (Central European Time), we use daylight saving time as well so by the time of the tournament we use CEST (Central European Summer Time, which is UTC+2)
  • The water flowing from the faucets is drinkable in most cases (if not there is a note about that usually saying - "Nem ivóvíz" meaning the water is not for drinking)
  • If you have the time we would like to encourage you to visit Budapest, it has really remarkable sightings. Check the wikipedia entry of Budapest for some of them.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Hungary!